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New MTS4000 MPEG Analyzer for IP Video Quality and 10G Network Monitoring

The new MTS4000 MPEG Analyzer is ideal for the analysis and troubleshooting of audio/video and transport problems in 10G networks for fault isolation and root cause analysis.  Targeting a range of design, validation and test, field diagnostics and troubleshooting applications, the new MTS4000 offers unparalleled analysis capabilities for examining the video and audio quality of IP and RF transported video services.

The low base price and modular nature of the MTS4000 ensures a wide range of connectivity and software analysis options so customers can customize it to meet all their application needs and budget requirements. Network interface options include full line rate 1 Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, ATSC 8-VSB, QAM-B, DVB-S2 and a Quad port ASI interface.

Cross-layer and cross-domain analysis of the video and audio quality is possible through an extensive software suite that includes real-time video and audio quality of experience (QoE) analysis, picture quality analysis (based on the human vision model), and advanced Elementary Stream analysis including H.264/AVC intra profile and SVC support. Learn More


Sentry 6.0 software release provides H.264 Perceptual Video Quality (PVQ) metrics for unparalleled depth in Advanced QoE monitoring

Building on its industry-leading MPEG-2 monitoring capabilities, Sentry 6.0 uniquely enables cable operators to monitor H.264 streams with its advanced Perceptual Video Quality (PVQ) feature.  PVQ, also known as eMOS (effective mean opinion score), detects errors related to over-compression, such as blockiness, and determines how much each error truly impacts viewers’ QoE.  For content destined for OTT applications, it enables QoE and PVQ checks at ingest as well as before the transcoder (pre-fragmentation step). Learn More



Sentry Assure for Cable post-splice Ad Verification monitoring

Sentry Assure is a member of the award-winning Sentry line of video quality monitors and is specifically designed for post-splice monitoring. Able to monitor up to 1Gbps on a Gigabit Ethernet interface, it provides large scale content monitoring in real time before modulation. It proactively monitors audio loudness issues or validates post-event complaints to help operators meet CALM regulatory compliance and audit requirements. Sentry Assure also validates closed captioning carriage requirements by monitoring the SCTE-608/708/20 specifications for Closed Captioning compliance. Additionally, Sentry Assure can also monitor advertising insertions, validating SCTE-35 message integrity, enabling operators to verify when ads have been properly inserted or troubleshoot issues when insertions are not done properly. Learn More