The 1741C is an Analog Waveform Monitor that provides user interface tools to simplify operations. It's precise displays provide high-quality monitoring for traditional analog composite (PAL and NTSC) or component systems.



Component and Dual PAL / NTSC with auto format detection – 4 inputs Simplifies video monitoring tasks such as equipment setup, error detection, and content correction allowing you to detect errors at a glance, and troubleshoot them efficiently.
Waveform, Vector and SCH Display  
Four-tile FlexVu display capability  Create a multiview display tailored to your
specific needs and work practices.
See and Solve Displays: Session and Status; Timing; Full screen Picture Display and Picture Thumbnail  
VITC or LTC Time Code decode with LTC waveform display   
32 User Presets Recall commonly used configurations for faster setup
Signal Presence Verification  
Video Luminance Levels Monitoring  
LTC / VITC Timecode Monitoring  
Position on Safe Area  
Timing Measurement  
Four passive loop-through analog composite signal inputs  
Waveform Display supports Composite or Component formats  For white and black balance and video level checking
Vector Display for Analog Composite  Alows system setup to specific chroma values
SCH Display  For color subcarrier-to-horizontal sync timing and color framing matching among edit sources
Freeze capture for pictures and traces Compare the frozen display to the live signal, facilitating tasks such as reference setting.
Video Session, Alarm Status and Error Log Quick identification and easier correction of problems
Timing Display  Measure signal timing between each input and the reference
Time Code VITC or LTC Time Code decode and display. LTC waveform display for amplitude and synchronization monitoring.


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This Glossary of Video Terms and Acronyms is a compilation of material gathered over time from numerous sources.

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