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TekSmartLab is the industry's first network-based lab instrument management solution for quickly setting up and efficiently managing basic electronics in engineering laboratories at colleges and universities.

  • Supports up to 600 instruments (100 test benches) on a single platform
  • Records and displays instrument asset information, providing better information for classroom scheduling and decisions on energy consumption or lab equipment investments
  • Retrieve test results wirelessly with a smart device

The centralized control of instruments enabled by the TekSmartLab solution dramatically improves the classroom and lab experience for students, instructors and lab managers.

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US $236
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System can be setup via Wi-Fi and instruments are recognized automatically when connected to the system. Easy to setup the system without laying LAN cables and configuring instruments.
Supports most of the Tektronix/Keithley teaching lab instruments, even those discontinued within 5 years. Easy to upgrade existing labs to TekSmartLab without purchasing new instruments.
Instant remote configuration of large fleets of instruments, such as setting parameters, disabling autoset, updating courseware, etc. Minimize the workloads for routing works.
Enables remote monitoring and control of all the instruments within the lab. Centralized monitoring and providing remote assistance to students instantly.
Students can retrieve the test results wirelessly, edit and submit test reports online via their mobiles or laptops. Keeps the test reports’ formats consistent, making it possible to review/export the test results in the future and providing a paperless process.
Instrument asset info including model number, serial number, location and utilization time is recorded automatically. Dramatically increases the efficiency with high accuracy of instrument asset information.

Arbitrary Function Generators

Tektronix AFG1000 Series
Tektronix AFG2021
Tektronix AFG3000C Series

Discontinued Instruments

Tektronix TDS1000B Series
Tektronix TDS1000C-SC Series
Tektronix TDS1000C-EDU Series
Tektronix TBS1000
Tektronix DPO/MSO2000 (Non-B)
Tektronix AFG3021B
Tektronix AFG3022B
Tektronix AFG3011
Tektronix AFG3101
Tektronix AFG3102
Tektronix AFG3251
Tektronix AFG3252


In traditional teaching labs, connecting instruments to a network can be challenging, building an internal network through cables is tedious, and many lab instruments do not have a LAN port. Tektronix TekSmartLab is different.

On each bench, the TBX3000A connects and controls instruments through USB cables, and communicates with the TSL3000B software on the lab server via the wireless network. The TBX3000A has a LAN port (standard), and can support a Wi-Fi connection when equipped with a compatible USB-Wi-Fi dongle. On the lab server, the TSL3000B communicates with the TBX3000A on each bench. The TSL3000B gives instructors centralized control of large fleets of instruments and gives students the ability to retrieve and save the test results online. The following shows a sample setup of a TekSmartLab system with 15 benches and 60 instruments connected through Wi-Fi.


Item Quantity Supplier Comments
TSL3000B-FL 1 Tektronix One per lab, installed on lab server
TBX3000A 15 Tektronix One per bench
Instruments 60 Tektronix Supported Tektronix or Keithley instruments, one oscilloscope, one arbitrary function generator, one digital multimeter, and one power supply per bench. Option 2231A-001 is required for the power supply 2231A-30-3.
TEK-USB-WiFi 15 Tektronix USB WiFi Dongle, installed on TBX3000A
Wi-Fi Router 1 Customer Provided Cisco RV180W or other Wi-Fi router that can meet Wi-Fi networking requirements.
Lab Server 1 Customer Provider Refer to system requirements on datasheet