If I upgrade MDO3000 bandwidth do I get probes upgraded?


If I upgrade my MDO3000 bandwidth do I receive higher bandwidth probes?


New, higher bandwidth probes are provided if the upgraded scope bandwidth exceeds the original supplied probes bandwidth.

For example: If you upgrade a MDO3054 (500 MHz) to the MDO3104 (1GHz), you will also receive 4 TPP1000 (1 GHz probes) with the upgrade.   You still retain the original supplied TPP0500 (500MHz) probes.

This FAQ Applies to:

Product Series: MDO3000

Product: MDO3012, MDO3014, MDO3022, MDO3024, MDO3032, MDO3034, MDO3052, MDO3054, MDO3102, MDO3104

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