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I saved some oscilloscope .wfm and .isf files+ how do I view them on my pc?

Question :

I saved some oscilloscope .wfm and .isf files+ how do I view them on my pc?

Answer :

The .isf and .wfm is the internal file format.  It is designed to be recalled as the reference waveform on the oscilloscope.  

The Tektronix OpenChoice Desktop software may be able to open some of the .isf and .wfm file depends on the model of oscilloscope that it captured from.  The OpenChoice Desktop is the free software that is available at  Please use the software download finder at /node/7106 and search the keyword for "OPENCHOICE DESKTOP APPLICATION TDSPCS1" for the latest versions.

If your instrument is not listed, it may be your oscilloscope model is not supported by OpenChoice Desktop.  You may try to use the waveform converter utility program to convert the file to ASCII format and plot the waveform in MS-Excel.  Please see the FAQ#836491 regarding the waveform converter utility program. 

This FAQ Applies to:

Product Series: tds5000 TDS3000


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