How closely matched are the P6400 series probes?


How closely matched are the P6400 series probes?


The time delay specifications are the same on every P6400 series probe (P6410,P6417, P6418, P6419 and P6434 probes). This allows you to mix probe types on the same logic analyzer, thereby preserving accurate data correlation from the probe tip of each probe.

This FAQ Applies to:

Product Series: TLA7000, Logic Analyzer Probe, TLA7000, TLA7000

Product: TLA704, TLA711, TLA714, TLA721, TLA601, TLA602, TLA603, TLA604, TLA611, TLA612, TLA613, TLA614, TLA621, TLA622, TLA623, TLA624, P6434, TLA7Q4, TLA7N1, TLA7N2, TLA7N3, TLA7N4, TLA7P2, TLA7P4, TLA7Q2, P6417, P6418, TLA7L1, TLA7L2, TLA7L3, TLA7L4, TLA7M1, TLA7M2, TLA7M3, TLA7M4, P6419, TLA5201, TLA5202, TLA5203, TLA5204, TLA5201B, TLA5202B, TLA5203B, TLA5204B, TLA7012, TLA7016

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