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How can I set up 2 AFG3000 series products to output 4 channels?

Question :

How can I set up 2 AFG3000 series products to output 4 channels?

Answer :

Setup to allow phase alignment of up to four channels

Assumption: Setup will start from Factory Default and the frequency of all channels to be phased are the same.

1.Connect MasterAFG Trigger Output to Slave AFG Trigger Input

2.Connect MasterAFG External Ref Output to SlaveAFG External Ref Input

3.Set Slave to use External Ref Input:  Utilities / System / Clock Ref to external

4.Set channel 1 and channel 2 of the Slave and Master to Burst

5.Set Slave and Master to use External Trigger Input:  Burst / Source / More / Source to external

6.Set Master to output sync pulse on Trigger out: Utilities / System / Trigger Out to sync

7.Set frequency and amplitude of the 4 channels.

8.Set each channel with the following key sequence: Burst / 1-Cycle / Inf-Cycles. Now the AFG’s are waiting for an external trigger to get started.

9.Start bothAFG’s by pressing Manual trigger on the Master. There will be a small amount of phase difference created by the connecting trigger cable. Make this cable as short a practical or trigger both from an external source with equal delay to both channels.

Observe the signals on a scope, if they are not phase aligned then do the following. (Remember different electrical delays in the connecting output cables will show as a phase error.)

On the Master AFGpress “Phase/Delay” button on front panel, then select “Align Phase” on the bezel buttons.  This should reset the Master CH1 and CH2 phase to 0 degrees.  If needed, on the SlaveAFG, press the “Burst” button on the front panel, then select “N-Cycles” on the bezel buttons, then select “Inf-Cycles” on the bezel buttons.  This should reset the phase on the Slave AFGto match the MasterAFG.

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