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Does the instrument save the current setup when it is powered off?

Question :

Does the instrument save the current setup when it is powered off?

Answer :

This behavior differs between the V2.0.x.x running on Windows 2000, and the previous sw versions (V1.5 and lower).

The new default behavior of the TDSCSA8000 Application is to save the current setup during the shutdown process and recall the saved setup during the startup process. The previous behavior (see below) is available on the Start-up page of the User Preferences dialog. This behavior is per machine (not per user). If the user requires a user-specific startup file, this is possible by saving the specific start-up file into the User's Startup directory.Also see the release notes for details of this process.

For older software (version 1.5.x.x and lower)

Even though the User Preferences dialog under the Utilities menu includes a selection to specify that the instrument restart with the configuration present at shutdown, that capability is not supported in current firmware.

Note that you can easily save the last setup before powering the instrument off by saving your setup to a specific file and recalling the setup file after restarting the instrument or use the Saved Setup setting in the Start-up User Preferences dialog under the Utilities menu.

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