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Amps: How does the Model 2700 support current measurements?

Question :

Amps: How does the Model 2700 support current measurements?

Answer :

The 2700 can measure DC and AC current in any one of four ways:
  1. The 7700 and 7702 modules have two independent current channels that can handle up to 3A directly (no external shunts required).
  2. If more than two current input channels are needed, you can add your own shunts across the voltage input channels. The large connector blocks make this an easy task.
  3. In applications where the current loop does not need to be maintained (such as batch-mode testing of 4-20mA sensors), you can wire the inputs directly to the voltage channels, then route the output to one of the current input channels.
  4. Directly through the front panel input jacks.

This FAQ Applies to:

Product Series: Keithley 2700 Multimeter/Data Acquisition/Switch Systems


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