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Factory Service Plans

  • Covers instrument, parts, labor and transportation
  • Includes software, safety and reliability updates

  • Covers instrument, parts, labor, and transportation
  • Includes software, safety, and reliability updates

  • Verification of specifications using proprietary procedures developed by Tektronix and Keithley
  • Traceability to national metrology institutes

  • Loaner product (of equal or higher performance) shipped within 48 hours
  • User-caused EOS and ESD damage protection

  • First and only plan in the industry to offer coverage for accidental damage
  • Coverage for electrostatic discharge and electrical overstress

Renew your service agreement

Do you already have a service agreement? Renew your contract to continue to receive the benefits of Tektronix and Keithley services. 

  • Free shipping
  • Priority service
  • Lock in pricing with multi-year agreements
  • Coverage over the life of your instrument or length of your project
  • Quick and convenient coverage – there when you need it!

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Which Plan is Right for You?

Our factory warranty covers your equipment from failures and design flaws, In addition, there are several service options which can extend your warranty coverage and avoid costly repairs. Pick the plan that best suits your needs (3 or 5 year options available):

Service Plan Feature
Total Protection
(Opt. T3, T5)
Gold Care
(Opt. G3, G5)
Keithley Care
(Opt. EW, 3Y-EW,
Tek Care
(Opt. R3, R5)
Extension of factory warranty
Protection from manufacturer defects
Free factory certified calibration with repair (if necessary)
Free in-country shipping
Priority on-bench service    
Coverage of user-caused EOS and ESD damage    
Coverage from accidental damage      
Coverage from normal wear and tear      
Loaner unit during repair shipped within 48 hours