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Tektronix Calibration Services

Providing the highest standard of calibration for all your equipment.

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We are the only test & measurement equipment manufacturer to also offer a full suite of multi-brand calibration and asset management services.

Tektronix is your one-stop shop for calibration of Tektronix, Keithley and Fluke equipment as well as instruments from more then 9,000 different manufacturers. From high-end electrical equipment to physical-dimensional calibration. Tektronix offers the most comprehensive range of services in the industry.


Calibration Capabilities

We provide calibration for a wide variety of instruments from countless brands and are experts in calibration for a diverse breadth of industries.


Calibration Service Levels

Our standard and accredited calibration service options are designed to meet your specific quality requirements.


Service Delivery Options

We offer local pickup and delivery, periodic onsite, and permanent onsite calibration.

Global Network of Calibration Labs

Tektronix has the world’s most comprehensive network of repair and calibration services for test and measurement equipment. More than 1,100 experienced technicians are ready to service your instruments worldwide. You’ve used our innovative, solution-based instruments, now let us introduce you to our premium level of service. We can even help you manage the calibration programs for your entire pool of instruments with CalWeb, our comprehensive calibration management software application.

Service Center Locations

Calibration Services

Sandia National Laboratories

"Keith [technician], and Tektronix, being onsite is immensely valuable to us. It gives us the ability to pull a recorder from our system, get a calibration or repair performed, and getting the unit placed back into the system within a day or two. Sometimes even within hours.”

Jerry M.
Senior Information Systems Architect, Sandia National Laboratories

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