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Custom Installation & Configuration of the TLA7000 Series

Optimize your productivity and capital investment. Advanced measurement systems require precision and accuracy. That's why you've chosen the superior technology inside the Tektronix TLA7000 Series logic analyzers. Now make the most of that technology with comprehensive installation and configuration services from a TLA Certified Customer Service Engineer (CCSE).

Program Overview

Site Preparation. Prior to installation, your CCSE will call you to verify that all the necessary equipment has arrived, power and service needs will be met, confirm any unique requirements you may have of your new mainframe, and provide a detailed explanation of what you can expect during installation process.

Installation/Verification/Debug. Once on site and unpacked by your CCSE, the TLA equipment will undergo a thorough battery of installation, testing, configuration activities. We ensure that your new mainframe fully conforms to factory specifications with the first power-up, in addition to debugging any issues that might arise.

User Familiarization. The special attention doesn't end there. Your CCSE remains on site to help familiarize your users with the enhanced features and functionality.

Documentation. At the end of the process, you will receive a signed checklist documenting the complete installation provided.



To ensure your site is properly prepared, your Customer Service Engineer will call to:



Your Customer Service Engineer will:


User Familiarization

Program Options

Program Options

There are two flat-fee services programs available at the time of purchase: LAINSTAL-SM and LAINSTAL-LG. Each service program is tied to a single mainframe and its respective module. If there are multiple mainframes to be installed at the same location at the same time, then the appropriate install program would be required for each mainframe.


Scenarios 1-3
Basic installation and configuration of a single TLA portable or bench-top mainframe and up to 3 modules. This service program can also used for installing 1-3 modules in existing mainframe.
Scenario 4
Extensive Installation and configuration of single TLA bench-top mainframe and 4-6 modules.