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While we’re happy to “talk tech” with you all day long, we know you’re in a hurry. So we’ve made it easy for you to download manuals, datasheets and software for all our current products, and many discontinued products as well. Just tell us which product you’re using, and we’ll show you everything we have.

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    6 Series B Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
    The 6 Series B MSO datasheet provides an overview of the product's features, important specifications, and ordering information.
    6 Series MSO
  • Technical Documents Document Type ReleaseDate
    Effective Measurement of Signals in Silicon Carbide (SiC) Power Electronics Systems
    Silicon Carbide (SiC) power devices deliver faster switching and improved thermal performance compared to silicon IGBTs and MOSFETs.  There are several questions that a power system designer must consider when they shift to SiC: Is my test …
    Application Note
    Measuring the Control Loop Response of a Power Supply Using an Oscilloscope
    Most power supplies and regulators are designed to maintain a constant voltage over a specified current range. They are essentially amplifiers with a closed feedback loop. An ideal supply needs to respond quickly and maintain a constant output, but …
    Application Note
    6 Series B MSO Upgrade Guide
    Most of the features of the 6 Series B MSO are field-upgradable, including bandwidth, record length, arbitrary/function generator, logic channels, and protocol support. This fact sheet lists all available post-purchase upgrades.
    Fact Sheet
    Software for the Education Lab
    Tektronix offers a range of efficient and intuitive remote education solutions that combine with our oscilloscopes, DMMs, data acquisition systems, or other tools to help students put engineering theory into practice.  Read this flyer to learn how …
    Fact Sheet
    TekDrive Collaborative Data Workspace Flyer
    TekDrive is a collaborative data workspace that provides an oscilloscope-to-cloud software solution for instant data sharing and recall on an oscilloscope, PC, phone, or tablet.  This document highlights how TekDrive helps you stay productive while …
    Fact Sheet
    Comparing the Traditional Oscilloscope FFT to Spectrum View Spectrum Analysis for Measuring Power Supply Control Loop Frequency Response
    New Tektronix oscilloscopes incorporate spectrum analysis using digital downconverters in each channel. The resulting displays are called Spectrum View. Using Spectrum View to generate Bode plots for power supply control loop frequency response …
    Application Software Bundles for the 4, 5 and 6 Series MSO Oscilloscopes
    Learn about the application software bundles that are available for the 4, 5 and 6 Series MSOs.  Application bundles are a great alternative to purchasing individual software options, especially if you plan to address diverse applications with your …
    Programming Interface Translator Technical Brief
    Select Tektronix oscilloscopes include a programming command translator which allows new scopes to receive and interpret commands originally designed for "legacy" instruments. This facilitates the replacement of older oscilloscopes in automated …
    Technical Brief
    Characterizing Self-Generated EMI for Wireless and IoT Products with 4, 5 or 6 Series MSO Oscilloscopes
    Learn about wireless self-interference, which can cause performance issues especially in the compact wireless designs typical in IoT. Learn to use near-field probes and Spectrum View synchronized, multi-channel spectrum analysis on 4, 5 and 6 Series …
    Application Note
    Verifying ESD Simulator Performance Using an Oscilloscope
    This application note will help designers verify the shape of current pulses from electrostatic discharge (ESD) simulators prior to compliance or pre-compliance testing.  It covers some basic theory of ESD and describes a basic test system for ESD …
    Application Note
    Next-Generation Oscilloscopes Brochure - 3 Series MDO, 4 Series MSO, 5 Series MSO, 6 Series MSO
    The 3 Series MDO and 4, 5 and 6 Series MSOs offer the largest displays and the greatest user experience of any oscilloscope.  This brochure gives an overview of the platforms, with the similarities and differences between the four series.
    Troubleshooting ESD Failures Using an Oscilloscope
    Learn techniques for troubleshooting electrostatic discharge (ESD) failures. This application note covers some basic theory on ESD and describes a basic testing system for ESD troubleshooting, including an H-field probe, oscilloscope and ESD …
    Application Note
    Advanced Radar Analysis: Tools for Measuring Modern Radar Application Note
    With today's rapid advances in radar technology, developing and manufacturing highly specialized and innovative electronic products to detect radar signals takes leading-edge technology and tools. Tektronix innovative test equipment reduces testing …
    Application Note
    Rohde & Schwarz RTP Series vs. 6 Series B MSO Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Comparison
    This fact sheet compares important specifications and features of the Tektronix 6 Series B MSO Mixed Signal Oscilloscope to those of the Rohde & Schwarz RTP Series.
    Rohde & Schwarz RTO2000 Series vs. 6 Series B MSO Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Comparison
    This fact sheet compares important specifications and features of the Tektronix 6 Series B MSO Mixed Signal Oscilloscope to those of the Rohde & Schwarz RTO2000 Series.
    Keysight S-Series vs. 6 Series B MSO Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Comparison
    This fact sheet compares important specifications and features of the Tektronix 6 Series B MSO Mixed Signal Oscilloscope to those of the Keysight S-Series.
    Keysight MXR Series vs. 6 Series B MSO Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Comparison
    This fact sheet compares important specifications and features of the Tektronix 6 Series B MSO Mixed Signal Oscilloscope to those of the Keysight MXR Series.
    LeCroy WavePro HD Series vs. 6 Series B MSO Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Comparison
    This fact sheet compares important specifications and features of the Tektronix 6 Series B MSO Mixed Signal Oscilloscope to those of the LeCroy WavePro HD Series.
    Verifying Power Supply Sequencing with an 8-Channel Oscilloscope
    Most systems use several sets of power rails and verifying proper power supply sequencing requires multiple oscilloscope input channels.  You’ll learn the basics of checking the power-on and power-off sequence of an AC-DC power supply, how to look at …
    Application Note
    Using Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes to Find and Diagnose Jitter Caused by Power Integrity Problems
    Learn about the connection between signal integrity on data and clock lines, and power integrity.  This application note gives a brief review of jitter measurements and terminology, including eye diagrams and jitter decomposition. It describes types …
    Application Note
    Step by Step EMI Troubleshooting with 4, 5 and 6 Series MSO Oscilloscopes
    This application note will help you learn the basics of EMC and EMI troubleshooting and debugging.  It introduces a 3-step troubleshooting process and introduces the basics of radiated and conducted emissions troubleshooting. It covers the …
    Application Note
    Achieve Higher Vertical Resolution for More Precise Measurements
    This white paper describes an approach in which new oscilloscope ADC technology, combined with digital signal processing and a low-noise front end, can provide even higher resolution than found in conventional high bit-rate ADC implementations. It …
    Jitter Testing for 1000BASE-T Ethernet Compliance Application Note
    Compliance testing for IEEE 802.3 Ethernet standards such as 10BASE-T, 1000BASE-Tx and 1000BASE-T requires jittter testing to ensure interoperability.  This application note describes test fixtures, test modes, and the various types of tests with …
    Application Note
    Working Remotely with Tektronix Oscilloscopes Running the Windows Operating System
    Most modern Tektronix oscilloscopes support one or more ways of working remotely. These methods include simple file-sharing and offline analysis, control using PC software, custom programming in Python or other languages, and Windows Remote Desktop …
    Technical Brief
    Working Remotely with Tektronix Oscilloscopes
    Most modern Tektronix oscilloscopes support one or more ways of working remotely.  These methods include simple file-sharing and offline analysis, control using PC software, custom programming in Python or other languages, and remote access over a …
    Technical Brief
    Serial Support Using Tektronix Oscilloscopes and Optional Software
    Tektronix oscilloscopes offer a portfolio of optional analysis capabilities to simplify serial bus debug or compliance verification. This selection matrix shows which serial standards are supported by each of the oscilloscope series.
    Selection Guide
    Spectrum View: A New Approach to Frequency Domain Analysis on Oscilloscopes
    Debugging embedded systems often involves looking for clues that are hard to discover just by looking at one domain at a time. The ability to look at time and frequency domains simultaneously can offer important insights. FIGURE 1. Spectrum …
    Application Note
    Power Supply Measurement and Analysis with 4/5/6-PWR Application Software
    Optimizing and validating a power supply design requires a number of important measurements.  These include: Line-side power quality measurements, such as power factor, inrush current, and harmonics Switching device measurements, such as …
    Application Note
    EMI Troubleshooting with the Latest-Generation Oscilloscopes
    This application note describes techniques using an oscilloscope that can help you determine the source of unwanted radiated emissions (EMI), especially after an out-of-limits condition has been identified through formal testing or pre-compliance …
    Application Note
    Automated Compliance Testing of MIPI D-PHY Physical Layer
    The MIPI Alliance has defined tests to ensure that MIPI D-PHY transmitter designs conform to MIPI standards.  D-PHY compliance testing is usually performed using an oscilloscope and may be automated to speed up testing, reduce errors and simplify …
    Application Note
    Decoding and Searching MIPI I3C Bus Activity with an Oscilloscope
    The MIPI I3C standard defines a two-wire interface with a bidirectional data bus for connecting sensors to an application processor. This application note gives a brief orientation on the physical layer and packet structures of the I3C protocol. It …
    Application Note
    Using FastFrame Segmented Memory on the 4/5/6 Series MSO
    Communications systems, RADAR, and ultrasonic sensors all rely on signals that transfer information in bursts followed by dead time. Processor interrupt pulses can occur intermittently and infrequently. Conventional signal-shot acquisitions on …
    Technical Brief
    Understanding and Performing USB 2.0 Electrical Testing and Debugging
    USB 2.0 is used in a wide range of applications, thanks to its performance, reliability and relatively low cost. Automated USB 2.0 compliance testing may be used to prepare for formal compliance certification, or simply to validate bus performance …
    Application Note
    Debugging CAN, LIN and FlexRay Automotive Buses with an Oscilloscope
    Explains the physical layer basics of common automotive buses - CAN, LIN, and FlexRay - to enable you to troubleshoot bus problems or system issues.  Learn how to set up and interpret the results when using automated decoding, triggering, and search …
    Application Note
    Debugging SPMI Power Management Buses with an Oscilloscope
    Designers of mobile devices and other portable systems rely on the System Power Management Interface (SPMI) protocol to monitor and dynamically control supply voltages based on real-time system demands. Enabling them to achieve lower power usage at …
    Application Note
    Debugging SENT Automotive Buses with an Oscilloscope
    The SENT bus is used in automotive sensors to transmit high-resolution measurements to electronic control units (ECUs), usually in the powertrain. Decoding the Single Edge Nibble Transmissions (SENT) by looking at the signals can be very difficult …
    Application Note
    Visual Triggers: Graphical Methods for Capturing Bursts and Other Complex Signals on Oscilloscopes
    Visual triggers allow you to build triggers by thinking in terms of wave shapes. This technical brief starts by explaining how to quickly capture bursts of specific length by drawing boxes on an oscilloscope display. It then describes how to apply …
    Technical Brief
    Characterizing and Troubleshooting Jitter with Your Oscilloscope
    Gives examples of jitter analysis, from basic analysis using frequency and Time Interval Error (TIE) measurements, to more advanced jitter decomposition techniques to help isolate the sources of jitter.  Shows examples of jitter measurements using …
    Application Note
    Control Loop Analysis Kit for Power Design Stability Measurements
    This document describes how the Tektronix Control Loop Analysis Kit provides a simple test setup for validating and debugging feedback loop stability.  This setup also enables engineers to test power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) on the regulator …
    Application Overview
    In-circuit Measurement of Inductors and Transformers with an Oscilloscope
    An oscilloscope can be used to measure the performance of inductors and transformers under operating conditions.  This application note: Provides a quick review of practical inductor and transformer theory, especially related to power supply …
    Application Note
    Ensuring the Performance and Conformance of In-Vehicle Networks for New-Generation Automobiles
    Automotive Primer: In-Vehicle Networking This primer provides an overview of the trends, challenges and solutions associated with the expected future evolution of in-vehicle networks, as well as a foundation for testing in-vehicle networks to …
    Automated Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) Measurements
    Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) is a popular signaling system for applications requiring high speed data transfers using low power. This application note explains the basic elements of LVDS signaling, details measurements based on an …
    Application Note
    Automotive Ethernet: See the True Signal
    As the move toward Automotive Ethernet technology in vehicles accelerates, comprehensive design validation is vital to ensure interoperability and reliable operation across multiple ECUs. This application note provides information on Automotive …
    Application Note
    Physical Layer Compliance Testing for 1000BASE-T Ethernet
    Ethernet compliance testing requires precise test setups and evaluation against limits dictated by IEEE 802.3 standards.  Automated testing software for oscilloscopes greatly simplifies and speeds testing.  This application note summarizes key tests …
    Application Note
    Probing Techniques for Accurate Voltage Measurements on Power Supplies with Oscilloscopes
    Making oscilloscope voltage measurements on power supplies is fundamental, but not without challenges. Much is  written on oscilloscopes, but probing techniques are often taken for granted. This application note focuses on probing and …
    Application Note
    Making Higher Accuracy Oscilloscope Measurements
    12-bit analog-to-digital converters deliver higher resolution on the 4, 5 and 6 Series MSO oscilloscopes Higher resolution oscilloscope measurements are becoming more important given today’s signal levels. Scopes are available with 12-bit analog-to …
    Technical Brief
    Making Accurate Current Measurements on Power Supplies with Oscilloscopes
    Accurately measuring current with oscilloscopes is essential for power supply design and general electronics. Learn how to measure current using shunt resistors and voltage probes, and how to use clamp-on current probes with your oscilloscope. Get …
    Application Note
    Measuring Power Supply Switching Loss with an Oscilloscope
    Losses due to dissipation in switching devices such as MOSFET's and IGBT's contribute significantly to the overall losses in switch mode power supplies.  This application note explains how to measure switching loss and conduction loss in power supply …
    Application Note
    Troubleshooting Ethernet Problems with your Oscilloscope
    This Application Note: •     Gives a brief orientation on the physical layer and packet structure of Ethernet, with a goal of providing just enough detail to help with troubleshooting •     Explains how to set up decoding on an oscilloscope …
    Application Note
    Troubleshooting USB 2.0 Problems with Your Oscilloscope
    Learn the basics of the USB 2.0 physical layer to help you troubleshoot bus problems or system issues.  Learn how to set up and interpret the results when using automated decoding, triggering, and search on an oscilloscope equipped with USB 2.0 bus …
    Application Note
    How to Troubleshoot System Problems Using an Oscilloscope with I2C and SPI Decoding
    Learn about the physical layers of the most common interchip buses - I2C and SPI - to enable you to troubleshoot bus problems or system issues.  Learn how to set up and interpret the results when you use automated decoding, triggering, and search on …
    Application Note
    Getting Started with Power Rail Measurements Application Note
    Most of today’s electronic designs require many different supply voltages to function properly. In fact, many components within a given circuit require multiple voltages. This is especially true with highly-integrated system on chip and …
    Application Note
    Solutions for RADAR and Electronic Warfare
    Tektronix offers a wide range of hardware and software built to help you design and test mission-critical RF systems, such as military comms, radar and electronic warfare—from algorithm prototyping to testing to ongoing maintenance. Our products are …
    XYZs of Oscilloscopes Primer
    After reading this primer, you will be able to: Describe how oscilloscopes work Describe the differences between analog, digital storage, digital phosphor, and digital sampling oscilloscopes Describe electrical waveform types Understand basic …

    Measuring Digital Clock Stability and Jitter with an Oscilloscope
    Introduction Clocks are the heartbeats of embedded systems, providing timing references and synchronization between components, subsystems,and entire systems. Incorrect clock signal amplitudes and timing can prevent reliable …
    Application Note
    Oscilloscope Selection Guide
    From basic signal-checking to high-performance analysis, this selection guide gives an overview of the complete range of oscilloscopes from Tektronix. Comparison tables give high-level specifications and features, and indicate the major differences …
    Selection Guide