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High Speed Serial Plug-in for AWG70000 Series and SourceXpress

High speed serial data signals are becoming more and more complex. The High Speed Serial Plug-in together with either the AWG5200 or the AWG70000, simplifies the signal creation and jitter simulations to reduce overall development and test time. The software enables the creation of the EXACT waveforms required for thorough and repeatable design validation, margin/characterization and conformance testing.

The High Speed Serial plug-in’s easy to use graphical user interface integrates seamlessly with the AWG70000 or AWG5200 Series and the SourceXpress software.

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High Speed Serial Plug-in for AWG70000 Series and SourceXpress
Feature Benefit
Replicate Scenarios Test signals are digitally synthesized and all AWG setups can be recalled and the scenarios can be replicated on any other AWG within seconds.
Crest Factor Emulation (CFE) Users can apply any amount of peak pseudo-random jitter needed to their bit patterns which can reduce test times. Test cases can be repeated accurately enabling fast receiver debug cycles. The HSS Plug-in can also create worst-case scenarios to stress receivers by accurately controlling the Crest Factor of the random jitter.
Programmable pre/de-emphasis and preshoot The HSS Plug-in’s Advanced Pre/De-emphasis feature gives users the ability to program the pre/de-emphasis and preshoot sample by sample.
ISI Distortion modeling Add ISI to any data signal by either dialing it in directly or importing them directly from S-parameters extracted from a VNA. Note: This feature requires users also to purchase the Tektronix S-Parameter plug-in for Arbitrary Waveform Generators.
Offline Mode All of the Tektronix waveform creation Plug-ins are designed to also run on an external PC via the SourceXpress platform, thereby reducing the time taken to synthesize large waveforms and leaving the AWG free for continued testing.
Waveform Creation and Instrument Control Environment for PC
SourceXpress is a PC based software environment that enables Tektronix waveform creation plug-ins, simulates the native environment of a Tektronix AWG70000 or AWG5200 series Arbitrary Waveform Generator, and provides control of a connected generator.

Literature Number: 76W-60185-1
Datasheet 04 Feb 2020
High Speed Serial Applications Datasheet for AWG70000A Series and SourceXpress®
The Tektronix High Speed Serial application plug-in enhances the capabilities of either the AWG70000A Series Arbitrary Waveform Generators or the SourceXpress® application software, adding the ability to easily create High Speed Serial waveforms with

Literature Number: 76W-60618-0
Datasheet 04 Feb 2020
High Speed Serial Plug-in - V1.3
The High Speed Serial (HSS) plug-in is a waveform creation application that takes an input pattern and creates pre-distorted waveforms to test a device's conformance to standards. The High Speed Serial plug-in can be installed on a PC which has Sourc

Part Number: 066186302
Software 04 Feb 2020
High Speed Serial
Plug-In Application

Part Number: 077124501
Manual 26 Nov 2019
High Speed Serial
Plug-In Application Online Help

Part Number: 077124500
Manual 26 Nov 2019
High Speed Serial
High Speed Serial Plug-in Application

Part Number: 077124601
Manual 26 Nov 2019