SerialXpress® Arbitrary Waveform Generator Software

SerialXpress® Arbitrary Waveform Generator Software

SerialXpress combined with the AWG5000 or AWG7000 Series arbitrary waveform generator is the world's only one-box receiver test solution.

High speed serial data signals are becoming more and more complex. SerialXpress® together with the AWG simplifies the signal creation and jitter simulations to reduce overall development and test time. The software enables the creation of the EXACT waveforms required for thorough and repeatable design validation, margin/characterization and conformance testing. SerialXpress' easy to use graphical user interface allows for a combination of test signals and various impairments including Inter Symbol Interferences (ISI), Duty Cycle Distortion (DCD), Spread Spectrum Clocking (SSC), Pre-emphasis and noise.

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Flexibility Jitter generation has become so flexible that the user now has the freedom to try various permutations and combinations of Jitter parameters like Pj, Rj, ISI, Noise, etc.
Replicate Scenarios Test signals are digitally synthesized and all AWGsetups can be recalled and the scenarios can be replicated on any other AWG within seconds.
Ease of Use SerialXpress' easy to use graphical user interface allows for a combination of test signals and various impairments including Inter Symbol Interferences (ISI), Duty Cycle Distortion (DCD), Spread Spectrum Clocking (SSC), Pre-emphasis and noise, thus reducing setup and test time.
Simple Test Set-up, One-box test solution The generation of Pre/De-emphasis or arbitrary impairments is a purely numerical process and so is virtually unlimited in the types of signal generation that can be achieved. It also eliminates the need for equipments like power combiners, power dividers and their associated complexities.
Channel Emulation Through S-parameter Filter Reduce your overall test and development time by emulating different scenarios. Touchstone files can easily be inserted to simulate the exact behavior of cable emulators, which can be again controlled and modified by adding Jitter and other parameters. You can also tweak the imported touchstone file data to adjust the ISI to see how the receiver responds to those variations. The effect of the channel can also be de-embedded by selecting the Inverse filtering option. Closed EYE can be opened up by adding right amount of pre-emphasis or by varying the Rise Time.
ISI Direct Dial-in ISI can be directly dialed-in at ease. It's no longer necessary to use FR4 traces which are inflexible and need frequent calibration when switching from one to another.
Supports a Wide Variety of Standards When teamed with the appropriate Tektronix arbitrary waveform generator (AWG), SerialXpress® software can cater to any emerging standard from 500 Kbps to 8 Gbps


Direct Synthesis Comes to the Aid of Serial Measurements

An analog approach to revolutionize serial data receiver measurement methodologies.
Literature number: 76W-19777-1
Application Note 08 Aug 2017
Overcoming High Speed Serial DataRX Testing Challenges Using an AWG and Direct Synthesis Application Note

With the combination of fast AWG’s hardware performance and Direct Synthesis software, High Speed Serial Data Receiver testing has now been simplified to just a single instrument running a sequence and looking for errors.
Literature number: 76W-21687-1
Application Note 08 Aug 2017
How to Create Direct Synthesis Signals Using Arbitrary Waveform Generators

Comprehensive math and analysis software packages such as Mathworks’ MATLAB® bring a new level of efficiency to the creation of waveforms and functional programs for today’s arbitrary waveform generators.
Literature number: 76W-20718-1
Application Note 09 Sep 2016
Analog Signals Join Digital Patterns In Serial Data

With fast digital-to-analog converters and faster sample clock capabilities, a new generation of AWGs is evolving as a way to generate waveforms for high-speed serial bus protocols such as SATA 2 and PCI-Express.
Literature number: 76W-19780-1
Technical Brief 09 Sep 2016
SerialXpress® Advanced Jitter Generation for AWG
SDX100, SDXUP Datasheet
SerialXpress is a powerful easy-to-use software package to synthesize high-speed serial data signals for Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWG). It runs directly on the AWG5000/7000/70000 Series arbitrary waveform generators or from an external PC.
Literature number: 76W-21435-8
Datasheet 01 May 2015
SerialXpress V4.0, Advanced Jitter Generation Software for AWG

Part number: 066104408
Application 30 Nov 2014
Advantages of Real-time Spectrum Analyzers in High Energy Physics Applications

In High Energy Physics (HEP) applications, the fundamental challenges facing operators and researchers are sustained maximum beam power and consistent beam stability in particle accelerators.  To accomplish these objectives, operators need to be…
Literature number: 37W-17749-0
Application Note 20 Apr 2014
Storage Solutions Fact Sheet

This technology fact sheet describes the support for SATA and SAS PHY Layer Testing for Hosts, Devices and Cables from Tektronix.
Literature number: 55C-21407-6
Fact Sheet 13 Jan 2014

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