Power and Energy Efficiency

The quest for ever-higher energy efficiency is placing new demands on designers and test instruments alike. Standby power constraints, higher switching speeds and signal ranges, lower-leakage semiconductor devices, as well as the use of SiC and GaN power modules are pushing test conditions to new extremes. At Tektronix we understand these evolving requirements and offer power test solutions for design validation, characterization, performance testing and certification.



Learn how to test efficiency and analyze output power on a three phase PWM motor…


Discover how to find cursors and use statistics tools to estimated power &…


View this step-by-step demonstration of how to set up the DMM7510 to capture a…


查看关于如何设置 DMM7510 以在单次采集中捕获 BLE 电流消耗波形的分步演示。


Learn how to test energy consumption and analyzer input power on home appliances…

Determining Power Consumption and Battery Life in Low Power , Portable IoT Devices Webinar

Learn the design requirements for battery life including measuring power consumption, simulating a battery, create a model of a battery and how to provide an optimum solution for assessing battery life

Fundamentals of Testing Power Conversion Efficiency

Learn techniques to accurately measure conversion efficiency and other performance parameters using a precision power analyzer. Real-life test devices will be used including a motor drive, inverter and a power supply to highlight test methods accross various applications.


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