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Measurement & Metrology (S) Pte Ltd

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Measurement and Metrology (S) Pte Ltd is a leading supplier of Test and Measurement Equipments. Our products are distributed in Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. Incorporated in 1993, Measurement and Metrology (S) Pte Ltd is today a market leader in the test and measurement industry, constantly creating new frontiers with the introduction of new and innovative products. The Company’s strength in product innovation, stringent quality control and market expansion has created a foundation for continued success into the future. Measurement and Metrology Group has more than 100 sales and service staffs spanning across the whole Asia Pacific region. We have also been awarded ISO 9000 by demonstrating our ability to meet and exceed customer expectations through continuous improvement. Office address : 32 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 ,02-07 Sing Industrial Complex Singapore 569510 Indonesia Branch Office: Sales Contact Tel: (62) 21 0812 611 5081 Email: [email protected] Marketing Contact Email: [email protected]

Product Specialization

Full Product Portfolio. Includes but not limited to: Oscilloscopes and Probes, Spectrum Analyzers and USB Spectrum Analyzers such as RSA306B, RSA500A, RSA600A, Parameter and Logic Analyzers, Various Types of Signal Generators, Power Supplies, Electronic Loads and Source Measure Units, Digital Multimeters and Power Meters, Sensitive and Low-level Instruments, Switching and Data Acquisition Systems,Semiconductor Test Systems


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  • Phone:+65 () 64831691
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Countries Served

Indonesia, Singapore


Country City/State or Province Contact
Indonesia Jakarta Utara , Aceh Phone: +65 () 68431691 Fax: 65 96943450
Singapore Singapore Phone: +65 () 64831691 Fax: +65 () 64831692