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Trinergy Instrument Co. Ltd

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Trinergy Instrument Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of a wide range of test, measurement and monitoring equipment, used widely in the design, development, manufacture, installation, deployment and operation of electronic equipment and systems, broadcast and communications networks and services. We believe in constant innovation and continuous improvement, while striving to provide the most cutting edge solutions that best meet our customer’s requirements. Office address : 333 Soi Prachasanti ( Ratchadaphisek 10 ), Ratchadaphisek Road, Huai Khwang , Bangkok 10310

Product Specialization

Full Range of Oscilloscopes, Probes and Accessories, Spectrum Analyzers, USB Spectrum Analyzer: RSA306B/500/600, Power Analyzers, Parameter Analyzers, Bit Error Rate Testers, Optical Modulation Analyzers, Logic Analyzers, Protocol Analyzers, Frequency Counters, Arbitrary Function Generators, Arbitrary Waveform Generators, Vector Signal Generators, Power Supplies, DC Electronic Loads, Source Measure Units, Digital Multimeters, RF Power Meters, Low-level Instrument/Sensitive and Specialty Instruments, Switching and Data Aquisition Systems, Semiconductor Test Systems, Video Test and Monitoring Systems


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Thailand Bangkok , Amnat Charoen Phone: +66 (2) 6454588 Fax: +66 (2) 6454589