Simplify Your USB Type-C Design Validation - From Complexity to Confidence - Webinar

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An ever-increasing need for speed is driving the consumer segment and the versatility of Type-C connector is driving change in the industry. This change translates to unmet needs for characterization, compliance test and validation of these new designs. There has been an uptick in the marketplace with the launch of more and more USB Type-C devices in the industry.

As design margins shrink, getting deeper insight into standard-specific measurements is crucial. Comprehensive tools for debugging failures are key to building confidence that your product will pass compliance and achieve certification. The in-depth discussion on the topics below will help you simplify your validation tasks, moving from complexity to confidence.

Our webinar will cover:

  • USB market and Type-C connector overview
  • Understanding USB 3.1 Gen1 and Gen 2 specifications
  • Testing challenges and solutions for both USB Tx and Rx
  • Debugging loopback initialization and link training

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