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All of these features now come as standard

Tektronix class leading High Performance Oscilloscopes are now available with enhanced capabilities and features included as standard. Tektronix DPO/ MSO 12.5GHZ – 33GHZ C, DX and SX models come with additional enhancements at no additional cost when purchasing a new instrument. Please see all of theses features listed below:

Additional Built-in Features Summary:

Option Description Option Number Order – No cost
125M record length 10XL
Advanced Jitter and Eye Analysis Tools OPT DJA
Serial Data Link Analysis Visualizer OPT SDLA
Visual Trigger and Search OPT VET
Limit Test Application Software OPT LT
Mask Test Application Software OPT MTH
8b/10b Serial trigger and Analysis Opt. ST6G/ST14G
Frame and Bit Error Rate Detector OPT- ERRDT/BITERR

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