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Standard Warranty for TBS1052B-EDU
Recommended Functional Verification or Calibration Interval Support Status Warranty
12 Months Full Support View Details Product Warranty - 5 Years from Date of Shipment View Details

Service Pricing for TBS1052B-EDU

Prices below only valid in ()

Item Description Availability Price Action
Repair Agreement Standard Repair agreement for 12 months. Faster repair time than without coverage. Includes 2-day shipping within country, updates and Factory-Certified Calibration after repair. Hassle free - a single call starts the process. Annual Contract 85 GBP Request Quote
Calibration Agreement Factory-Certified Calibration agreement providing a single calibration during a 12 month period. Includes adjustments as necessary to return product to near factory performance. Hassle free - a single call starts the process. Annual Contract 135 GBP Request Quote

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