Logic Validation and Debug

DDR Memory Interface

Logic validation solutions allow you to capture and measure the digital logic state of the DDR memory interface and perform bus cycle based timing and protocol analysis across all signals (Address/Command/Control/Data) when using the TLA7BBx high performance logic analyzer modules that provide 20ps high speed timing across all signals.

A variety of probing solutions ranging from slot interposers, component and mid-bus probes, for various memory technologies (DDR2/3/4, LPDDR1/2/3) provide signal access and use Analog mux with iView to capture using a single probe and view high speed timing, state and analog data on the same screen.

Our logic validation and debug solutions provide a comprehensive set of tools with the ability to quickly and easily setup logic analyzers for acquisition, perform bus protocol decode and memory compliance analysis.


DesignCon 2015 Paper - Designing High Performance Interposers with 3-port and 6-port S-parametersThis technical paper explains how multiport S-parameters can be used to validate memory interposer design cases. This helps memory designers understand some of the performance characteristics that can be inferred from S-parameters, as well as some of the interactions between the interposer and the device under test and probing system; leading to more accurate validation efforts on very fast memory systems utilizing DDR4 or LPDDR4.
Debugging Memory Interfaces using Visual Trigger on Tektronix Oscilloscopes

See how easy it is to capture events of interest using Visual Triggering, PinpointTriggering, and Advanced Search & Mark.

P7500 Series Probes Tip Selection, Rework and Soldering Guide

How-to guide for P7500 Tip selection and soldering guide for use with Memory Component Interposers

Logic/Protocol Validation: Logic Analyzer Interposers

Selection guide of Logic Analyzer interposers for Logic/Protocol validation.


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