SiC MOSFET and GaN FET Switching Power Converter Analysis Kit

SiC MOSFET and GaN FET Switching Power Converter Analysis Kit

Ultra-fast power semiconductor switching technology such as SiC or GaN that make up some of today’s power electronics topologies, are extremely difficult to optimize. The SiC MOSFET and GaN FET Switching Power Converter Analysis Kit is the only solution in the market that can accurately characterize all the critical parameters for optimizing Power Electronics topologies that use technology like SiC and GaN, including:

  • Gate charge and gate-drive performance on high-side low-side
  • Dead-time optimization including accurate turn-on, turn-off and gate-drive timing
  • VGS, VDS and ID measurements on high-side and low-side switches
  • Switching loss, conduction loss and magnetic loss analysis


Optimize dead-time and eliminate false ringing

GaN based half-bridge circuit characterization

High-frequency, floating gate (VGS), drain (VDS) or current (ID) signals are practically impossible to make with traditional differential probes or floating scopes due to parasitic capacitance and inductance in the measurement loop.

The SiC MOSFET and GaN FET Switching Power Converter Analysis Kit includes IsoVuTM optically isolated differential probes that use numerous patented technologies to eliminate common mode effects of differential signals. Even at ultra-high switching frequencies, the IsoVu’s laser-based data transfer system eliminates any electrical connection, giving you unmatched common mode rejection.

  • Optimize dead-time with simultaneous high-side and low-side VGS and VDS measurements
  • Accurately characterize gate charge under real load conditions and optimize gate-drive performance
  • Differential voltage range from 1 mV to 2500 V
  • Bandwidth up to 1 GHz for ultra-fast switching
  • Common mode voltage as high as 60vKV
  • Low input capacitance tops (<1pF)
  • Test drain (ID) current accurately across floating current shunts with high common mode rejection

Automate loss measurements under real operating conditions


Switching loss shows power dissipation in a FET. Waveforms are annotated with color-coded markers showing the measurement region for Ton, Toff, and Totally cycle, corresponding to values in the results badge. Controls in the results badge let you easily traverse from cycle to cycle.

Power quality, efficiency and loss measurements to optimize and validate a SiC or GaN power design can be done manually. However, many engineers use automation tools on a scope to achieve faster, more repeatable results. This solution includes the 5-PWR Advanced Power Measurement and Analysis software package that automates power quality, efficiency and loss measurements for switching devices, in-circuit inductor and transformer, DC output, and AC line measurements.

By measuring and optimizing each sub-system under real-world conditions, you can get the highest possible efficiency from your power designs.

Key measurements include:

  • Switching device measurements, such as switching loss analysis and safe operating area on GaN, SiC, or silicon FETS
  • In-circuit inductor and transformer measurements, including inductance BH curves and magnetic loss analysis
  • DC output measurements such as efficiency, ripple, and turn-on/turn-off
  • AC line measurements: AC power analysis including harmonics

What’s in the PowerSol1 system?

  1. 5 Series MSO Oscilloscope - High resolution (12 bit) for testing Vgs, RDS_ON and conduction losses under real conditions.
  2. 5-PWR software – Automated, accurate and repeatable power measurements for calculating switching losses, conduction losses, RDS_ON, magnetic losses, SOA and much more under real operating conditions.
  3. GaN Half-bridge Demo Board Guide – Instructions Guide for getting started.
  4. TIVH08 IsoVu isolated differential voltage probe – 2.5 KV differential voltage rating for testing VDS signals on high voltage SiC and GaN power converters. Also has 800 MHz bandwidth for extremely fast dv/dt common to SiC and GaN power devices.
  5. TIVH05 IsoVu isolated differential voltage probe (Optional) – 2.5 KV differential voltage rating for testing VDS signals on high voltage SiC and GaN power converters. Also has 500 MHz bandwidth for extremely fast dv/dt common to SiC and GaN power devices.
  6. TIVM1 IsoVu isolated differential probe (Optional) – 1 GHz bandwidth for extremely fast dv/dt on low voltage (<50 V) signals such as VGS and shunt voltage.
  7. TPP1000 high bandwidth passive probe (Standard Accessory) - comes as standard equipment with your oscilloscope; one probe per channel. 1 GHz bandwidth for testing ground referenced high dv/dt signals such as VGS_LOW and shunt voltage.
  8. MMCX shielded tip for high bandwidth passive probe (Optional) – makes the high frequency ground referenced measurements more accurate by eliminating ground loops. Watch this video on creating unplanning test points with the MMCX connectors here (206-0663-xx).


Final video of our six part series highlights the 5-PWR software for the 5 Series MSO and how to measure switching loss, conduction loss, magnetic loss and RdsOn.
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Part five of this six-part series covers some of the most challenging measurements for this setup: the drain current and load current.
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Part four of this six-part series covers key differences between differential probes and IsoVu probe in a Vgs measurement.
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Part three of this six-part series covers your first test: high-side Vgs, Vds, and analyzing dead-time. We again cover the DUT connections, scope, software and probe settings that are best for this…
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In this video we demonstrate how to use recommended MMCX connectors to create high quality, unplanned test points on your board for testing.
0h 6m 23s
There are several connectivity options available for the IsoVu Measurement System. In this video, we show you the best way to implement them on your test board for optimal results.
0h 4m 40s
Measuring Vgs on Wide Bandgap Semiconductors

This application note focuses on accurate high-side VGS measurements on ungrounded FETs using the IsoVu measurement system. 

Application Note
IsoVu Technology White Paper

Learn how IsoVuTM Isolated Measurement Systems use a unique form of optical isolatoin to deliver bandwidth up to 1 GHz, extraordinary common mode rejection ratio of 120 dB at 100 MHz, and now differential voltage range up to 1000 V.

Isolation Addresses Common Sources of Differential Measurement Error

Technical brief that examines sources of measurement error and how the IsoVu measurement system can overcome these limitations.

Technical Brief
Power Supply Measurement and Analysis with 4/5/6-PWR Application Software

This application note explains how to set up an oscilloscope to take these measurements with 4-PWR-BAS, 5-PWR and 6-PWR analysis software. It gives a high-level overview of the various measurements, including power quality, switching loss, and ripple.  It also describes in-circuit inductor measurements, control loop response and rejection ratio available on 5/6-PWR.

Application Note

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