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File-based Quality Control Solutions

With the ongoing migration towards file-based workflows as well as the increased adoption of multi-screen and Over-The-Top Media Services, the volume of file-based content continues to grow exponentially. Along with this surge of content comes the challenge of ensuring the quality and correctness of the media files so as to ensure subscribers receive the best Quality of Experience. To solve this challenge, Tektronix offers a range of File-based QC solutions that ensure compliance of the media files to all quality, regulatory and workflow requirements.


Aurora, Hydra and AutoFix

With our launch of Aurora, Hydra and AutoFix, we offer best-in-class File-based QC solutions.

  • Fastest and most scalable Automated QC on the market
  • Proven 4K and ABR capability
  • Best in class Frame Accurate File Playback for Review and Approval
  • Automated Correction including Audio Normalization
  • Over 30 active partner integrations
  • Proven track record of responsive support

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Cerify and QCloud 

The introduction of Aurora, Hydra and AutoFix signals a planned migration from the industry's first file-based QC platform, Cerify, to the latest market leading file-based QC platform, Aurora, for addressing the needs in the future.

Every Cerify customer, however, should rest assured that they will be supported in keeping what works today and then migrating to the new capability in a seamless fashion. Any user with a current Cerify support agreement may upgrade at no charge.

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