Optical Probes - High Bandwidth

The DPO7OE series optical probes with a DPO70000 real-time scope deliver the performance and advanced debug capabilities designers need to fully troubleshoot 400G PAM4 signals, up to 56 GBaud, and reduce time to market.

These probes can also be used as a conventional O/E with flat response filter for general laser signal acquisition up to their respective bandwidth of 33 GHz or 59 GHz.

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Optical Probes - High Bandwidth
Model Wavelength Response High-bandwidth DC Optical Noise NRZ / PAM2 and PAM4 List Price

750nm - 1650nm

up to 33 GHz

6.6 uW rms (TekConnect / ATI)

up to 28 Gbaud

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1200m - 1650nm

up to 59 GHz

10 uW rms (ATI)

up to 56 Gbaud

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