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Analog Generator


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Features & Benefits

  • Simple, Effective Test-Signal Complement
  • Master Sync Generator with Digital Genlock
  • Separate Timing Controls for Sync and Test Signals
  • Separate SMPTE Color-Bars Output with Programmable ID (Opt. 01)
  • Audio-Tone Output (Opt. 01)
  • Tape-Leader Countdown (Opt. 01)
  • Opt. 1V Signal Set for VM700T Measurements


  • Test Signal and Sync Generation for Broadcast and Postproduction
  • Equipment Maintenance

The Tektronix TSG170A NTSC Television Generator offers you the test signals you need plus the advantages of master- and genlock-sync capability. It provides true 10-bit digital signal accuracy with a full complement of test signals and a stable master sync generator.

The rugged, compact TSG170A is designed to support both operational and maintenance requirements. The TSG170A Option 01 provides even more versatility by adding a separate SMPTE color-bar generator, programmable identification, audio-tone output, and tape leader countdown.

Test-Signal Generator

The accuracy and long-term stability of the TSG170A test signals are enhanced by its precision digital-to-analog converter. Each converter is automatically laser trimmed to 12-bit accuracy. The TSG170A test-signal generator's simple front-panel controls provide selection of:

  • SMPTE color bars
  • Convergence
  • Pulse and bar with window
  • Multiburst
  • 5-step luminance staircase
  • Luminance ramp
  • Modulated ramp
  • Selectable 10% or 90% APL
  • Bounce
  • 10 and 100 IRE flat fields
  • Red field
  • Multibars
  • NTC 7 composite
  • System-test matrix
  • Monitor-setup matrix
  • 5-MHz line sweep
  • Multipulse

Color-bar blanking width is 10.9 µs to facilitate verification of proper blanking throughout your system.

VM700A Measurements

Standard Signal Set

Opt. 1V Signal Set

A signal set designed specifically to support VM700A measurements is now available for the TSG170A. This signal set is available as Opt. 1V and differs from the standard signal set as follows:

Pulse and Bar

NTC7 Composite

Other Signals:


FCC Color Bars

NTC7 Composite

(Sin x)x

Line Sweep w/ Markers

Chroma Freq. Response


Field Square Wave

System Test Matrix

NTC7 Combination

Monitor Set Matrix

New Matrix

10% Flat Field

50% Flat Field

Red Field

Red Field

(12.5% Pedestal)

(50% Pedestal)

The new matrix is composed of FCC color bars, 50% flat field, NTC 7 combination and composite, (Sin x)x, red field, and chroma frequency response.

Master Sync Generator with Digital Genlock

The TSG170A sync generator's stable color standard and unique digital genlock make it ideal for either master generator or slave operation. All outputs are correctly SCH phased, even if the TSG170A is locked to an improperly SCH-phased reference input. The digital genlock calculates sync timing and subcarrier phase to properly identify color framing of the input reference signal. The TSG170A automatically senses composite video or 3.58-MHz subcarrier reference inputs and, in the absence of a reference input signal, automatically switches to its own internal reference. This high-stability crystal oscillator, with its constant temperature oven, ensures long-term frequency stability.


TSG170A rear panel.

System Timing Control

Front-panel controls are provided for phasing of all outputs relative to the genlock source. In addition, a separate set of timing controls is provided to move the pulse and subcarrier outputs relative to the black-burst and test-signal outputs. This simplifies system timing and eliminates delay lines. Up to eight genlock and sync timing settings may be stored in nonvolatile memory to prevent loss in the event of a power failure. The timing presets may be recalled through the remote control port. A front-panel lockout feature prevents inadvertent changes to the front-panel timing controls.

Flexible Pulse Output

The TSG170A has eight sync generator outputs; four fixed and four programmable. The primary outputs for SUBCARRIER, SYNC, BLANKING, and BLACKBURST are fixed. The secondary outputs, BURST FLAG, H DRIVE, V DRIVE, and COLOR-FRAME PULSE, are programmable and can be changed to provide a second set of primary outputs. The BLANKING output may be set to 10.2, 10.7, or 10.9 µs.

SMPTE Color Bars with Programmable ID, Audio Tone, and Tape-Leader Countdown (Option 01)

Option 01 adds a separate SMPTE color-bar output for routine studio needs, such as tape leaders, freeing the front-panel selected test signals for engineering and maintenance.

An ID of up to 12 alphanumeric characters may be inserted in the SMPTE color-bar output. This front-panel programmable ID is ideal for identifying satellite feeds and videotapes.

Option 01 also provides a 450-Hz audio-tone output, useful for checking program line continuity and adjusting audio levels. The tone can be adjusted over a 0-dBm to 8-dBm range into 150 ohm or 600 ohm.

Also included in Opt. 01 is a tape-leader countdown. When initiated, the full-time SMPTE color-bars output goes to black and the audio tone is switched off. Simultaneously, a ten-to-two (in seconds) countdown is initiated and overlaid on the black background. The black background remains until the count down program is terminated. Control of the tape-leader countdown is through the remote-control connector.

Remote Control

Remote selection of internal/external reference, ID preset, genlock, and sync-timing presets and test signal is provided. Selection is made with ground closures through a rear-panel connector.


The TSG170A's rugged, 1.75-inch package makes it ideal for remote vans or anywhere space is at a premium.


Test-Signal Generator

Luminance Amplitude Accuracy - ±1%

Chrominance-to-Luminance Gain - ±1%

Output Impedance - 75 ohm

Return Loss - 36 dB to 4.2 MHz

Test Signals

SMPTE Color Bars

Convergence - 14 lines per field, 17 lines per horizontal.

Pulse and Bar with Window -

2T Pulse HAD: 250 ns ±25 ns.

White Bar Amplitude: 100 IRE.

Field Tilt: 0.5%.

Line Tilt: 0.5%.

Multiburst -

White Reference Bar Amplitude: 428.6 mV (60 IRE).

Packet Amplitude: 428.6 mVpk-pk (60 IRE).

Burst Frequencies: 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 3.58, and 4.2 MHz.

5-Step Staircase - 714.3 mV (100 IRE).

Luminance Ramp - 0 to 714.3 mV (100 IRE).

Modulated Ramp -

Chrominance Amplitude: 285.7 mV (40 IRE).

Diff Gain: 0.6%.

Diff Phase: 0.3.

APL - 10% and 90%.

AC Bounce - Bounce Rate: 1-second high, 1-second low.

Flat Fields - 10 IRE, 100 IRE.

Red Field - Luminance Pedestal: 153.6 mV (21.5 IRE).

Multibars - Color bars and multiburst.

NTC 7 Composite - 80 IRE, 5-step modulated staircase and pulse and bar.

Line Sweep - 714.3 mVpk-pk. Linear sweep from 500 kHz to 5 MHz.

Multipulse -

Amplitude: 714.3 mV.

Frequencies: 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 3.58, and 4.2 MHz.

System Test Matrix - Multibars and NTC7.

Monitor Setup Matrix - Convergence, IWQB, convergence, color bars, reverse bars, and convergence.

DAC Test - 500 kHz and 3.58 MHz.

Opt. 01 Color Bars - SMPTE color bars.

Identification - 12 characters, 7 × 9 matrix.

Audio Tone - 449.55 Hz (locked to vertical), distortion less than 0.01%, 0 to 8 dBu into 150 ohm, 600 ohm, or high impedance. Click ID adjustable 0.2 to 4 Hz.

Sync Generator

Subcarrier Stability - 3.579545 MHz ±1 Hz over temperature; typically less than 1 ppm per year drift after initial aging

Black-Burst Output -

Setup: 7.5 IRE

Blanking: Less than 10.6 µs

Pulse Outputs (General Characteristics) -

Amplitude: 4.0 ±0.1 V

Impedance: 75 ohm

Return Loss: 30 dB to 4.2 MHz

Rise Time: 140 ns ±20 ns

Pulse Outputs (Signals) -

Composite Sync –


Horizontal Blanking Duration: 10.7 µs ±0.1 µs, jumper selectable for 10.5 µs or 10.9 µs

Vertical Blanking Duration: 20 lines, jumper selectable for 19 or 20 lines

Burst Flag

Horizontal Drive

Vertical Drive

Color Frame Pulse: Field 1, line 11

Subcarrier Output -

Amplitude: 2 Vpk-pk ±0.2 V

Pulse and Subcarrier Outputs -

Timing Range: 4 µs advance, 4 µs delay relative to the test-signal and black-burst outputs


Genlock Source (Comp Video) -

Input Configuration: 75 ohm loop-through

Return Loss: At least 40 dB to 4.2 MHz

Burst Amplitude: 286 mV +1 dB to -6 dB

Sync Amplitude: 286 mV +3 dB to -6 dB

Genlock Performance -

Horizontal Timing Range: 8 µs advance, 8 µs delay

Vertical Timing Range: 0, 1, or 2 lines advance or line delay, jumper selectable

Burst Lock Range: 3.579545 MHz ±20 Hz

Jitter: 0.5°

Power Source

Mains -

Voltage Range: 90 to 132 V AC or 180 to 250 V AC

Frequency Range: 48 to 62 Hz

Power Consumption - 40 W typical, 60 W maximum


Temperature -

Operating: 0 to 50 °C

Nonoperating: -40 to 65 °C


EMC - Certified to the EMC Directive 89/336/EEC

Safety -

Approved to: UL1244, CSA231.

Complies with: EN61010-1, IEC61010-1.

Physical Characteristics