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Differential Probes

P6248·P6247·P6246 Datasheet

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The P6248, P6247, and P6246 Differential Probes enable users to make time-domain or frequency-domain measurements on high-bandwidth signals commonly found in disk drive, digital IC design (RAMBUS), and communication applications (Gigabit Ethernet, IEEE-1394 Firewire, and Fibre Channel). The P6248 includes accessories that allow RAMBUS via probing and IEEE-1394 interconnect access. The small probe head geometry and assorted probe tip accessories allow these probes to easily accommodate manual probing of surface-mount devices while maintaining high CMRR.

P6248 key performance specifications
  • ≥1.5 GHz bandwidth (guaranteed)
  • 1.7 GHz (typical, ≤27 °C) 1X mode
  • 1.85 GHz (typical, ≤27 °C) 10X mode
P6247 key performance specifications
  • ≥1.0 GHz bandwidth (guaranteed)
P6246 key performance specifications
  • ≥400 MHz bandwidth (guaranteed)
Key features
  • Low input capacitance: <1 pF differential
  • Probe input connector: two standard 0.025 in./0.63 mm (0.1 in. center) square pin receptacle (female)
  • Electrostatic discharge tolerant (IEC 801-2)
  • For use with oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, or network analyzers
  • >60 dB (1000:1) Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR)
  • Small probe head allows easy probing of SMDs
  • Connects to TekProbe® BNC interface on TDS Series oscilloscopes or other instruments using 1103 TekProbe® Power Supply
  • Communications (Gigabit ethernet, IEEE-1394, fibre channel)
  • Semiconductor characterization (RAMBUS)
  • Disk drive read channel design
  • Communication pulse shape compliance
  • Jitter, crosstalk, and BERT measurements
  • Location of ground bounce

P6248, P6247, and P6246 Differential Probes

The P6248, P6247, and P6246 Differential Probes are ideal for design verification of disk drive read, channel electronics, and timing analysis for troubleshooting ground-bounce problems associated with high-speed logic. They can also be used for pulse shape or crosstalk compliance testing of high-speed communication signals.


All specifications are guaranteed unless noted otherwise. All specifications apply to all models unless noted otherwise.

Model overview
Bandwidth (guaranteed)≥1.5 GHz≥1.0 GHz≥400 MHz
Rise time (specified)<265 ps<350 ps<875 ps
Attenuation settingsX1, X10X1, X10X1, X10
DC attenuation accuracy±2%±2%±2%
Common mode input voltage range±7.0 V, 1X
±7.0 V, 10X
±7.0 V, 1X
±7.0 V, 10X
±7.0 V, 1X
±7.0 V, 10X
Differential mode input voltage range±850 mV, 1X
±8.5 V, 10X
±850 mV, 1X
±8.5 V, 10X
±850 mV, 1X
±8.5 V, 10X
Maximum nondestructive input voltage±25 V (DC + peak AC)±25 V (DC + peak AC)±25 V (DC + peak AC)
Electrostatic immunity15 kV15 kV15 kV
Bandwidth limit-Switchable, 200 MHzSwitchable, 200 MHz
Lower frequency limit, DC reject mode-0.4 Hz, 1X
4.0 Hz, 10X
0.4 Hz, 1X
4.0 Hz, 10X
Probe interfaceTekProbe® Level II 1TekProbe® Level II 1TekProbe® Level II 1

1 The TekProbe® Level II interface supports probe power, auto scaling, auto termination with TDS oscilloscopes.

Warranted characteristics
FrequencyAttenuation settingP6246P6247P6248
1 MHz÷1 >60 dB>60 dB>60 dB
÷10 >45 dB>45 dB>45 dB
100 MHz÷1 >38 dB>38 dB>38 dB
÷10 >25 dB>25 dB>25 dB
500 MHz÷1 N/A>35 dB>35 dB
÷10 N/A>20 dB>20 dB
1 GHz÷1 N/A>30 dB>30 dB
÷10 N/A>18 dB>18 dB
1.5 GHz÷1 N/AN/A>25 dB (typical)
÷10 N/AN/A>18 dB (typical)
Typical characteristics
Input capacitance
Differential mode
<1 pF
Common mode
<2 pF
Input resistance
Differential mode
200 kΩ
Common mode
100 kΩ
<50 nV/squareroot Hz
Harmonic distortion
Passband ripple
< ±0.25 dB
DC to 1.5 GHz
DC to 850 MHz
DC to 400 MHz
Output termination
Terminate into 50 Ω
Physical characteristics
Weight (probe only)
160 g (0.36 lb.)
Probe head dimensions (H×W×D)
9.3 mm × 12 mm × 78 mm (0.36 in. × 0.47 in. × 3.0 in.)
Input connection dimensions
0.63 mm (0.025 in.) square pins on 2.54 mm (0.1 in.) centers
Cable length
1.2 m (47 in.)
Environmental characteristics
0 °C to +50 °C
–55 °C to +75 °C
(0 to 90% RH)
+30 °C to +50 °C
+30 °C to +60 °C

Ordering information

1.5 GHz Differential Probe
1.0 GHz Differential Probe
400 MHz Differential Probe
P6248 standard accessories
AccessoryQuantityReorder part number 1
Certificate of traceable calibration-
Carrying case016-1952-XX
User manual (English)071-0566-XX
Service manual071-0573-XX
Tektronix probes care and handling reference071-2870-XX
Probe Tip Accessory kit020-2702-XX
 Accessory box006-7164-XX
Color coding bands, 2 each of 5 colors016-1315-XX
Probe tip connector saver016-1781-XX (set of 2)
Straight tip016-1891-XX (set of 8)
Y-lead adapter196-3434-XX
3 in. ground lead196-3437-XX
1 in. solder down196-3504-XX
3 in. solder down196-3505-XX
TwinTipTM adapter206-0490-XX
Micro CKT test tip206-0569-XX


1 Reorder quantities may differ from the original included quantities.

P6247 / P6246 standard accessories
AccessoryQuantityReorder part number 1
Certificate of traceable calibration-
Carrying case016-1952-XX
User manual (English, German, French, Japanese)070-9898-XX
Service manual070-9899-XX
Tektronix probes care and handling reference071-2870-XX
BNC to probe tip adapter679-4094-XX
Accessory kit020-2380-XX
 Accessory box006-7164-XX
Color coding bands, 2 each of 5 colors016-1315-XX
Short ground contact (131-6247-XX)016-1983-XX (set of 10)
Spring loaded ground (131-6271-XX)016-1782-XX (set of 6)
Lead set196-3435-XX
 TwinFootTM adapter (013-0306-XX)016-1785-XX (set of 4)
TwinTipTM adapter (013-0305-XX)016-1786-XX (set of 4)
Y-lead adapter196-3434-XX
6 in. ground lead196-3436-XX
Micro CKT test tip206-0569-XX

1 Reorder quantities may differ from the original included quantities.

Optional accessories
AccessoryPart numberP6248P6247 / P6246
Longhorn Via adapter016-1780-XX (set of 5) 
Spring loaded ground016-1782-XX (set of 6) 
Short ground contact016-1783-XX (set of 10) 
TwinFootTM adapter016-1785-XX (set of 4) 
TwinTipTM adapter016-1786-XX (set of 4) 
VariTipTM adapter016-1890-XX (set of 8) 
Micro Klipclip adapter013-0309-XX (set of 2)
Adjustment tool003-0675-XX 
Probe tip to BNC adapter679-4094-XX 
P6046/HP1141A probe tip adapter013-0304-XX
IEEE 1394 adapter679-5027-XX
TPA-BNC (connect the probe to TekVPI oscilloscopes)TPA-BNC
TCA-BNC (connect the probe to TekConnect oscilloscopes)TCA-BNC
50 Ω termination011-0049-XX
50 Ω BNC cable, 20 in.012-0076-XX
50 Ω SMA (F) to BNC (M) adapter015-0572-XX
TekProbe® II Power Supply for interfacing with other BNC instruments; Power plug options for 1103:1103 
 North America (115 V, 60 Hz)Opt. A0--
Universal Euro (220 V, 50 Hz)Opt. A1--
United Kingdom (240 V, 50 Hz)Opt. A2--
Australia (240 V, 50 Hz)Opt. A3--
Switzerland (220 V, 50 Hz)Opt. A5--
Japan (100 V, 110/120 V, 60 Hz)Opt. A6--
China (50 Hz)Opt. A10--
India (50 Hz)Opt. A11--
Brazil (60 Hz)Opt. A12--
No power cord (instrument set to 230 V)Opt. A99--
Service options
Opt. C3
Calibration Service 3 Years
Opt. C5
Calibration Service 5 Years
Opt. D3
Calibration Data Report 3 Years (with Opt. C3)
Opt. D5
Calibration Data Report 5 Years (with Opt. C5)
Opt. R3
Repair Service 3 Years (including warranty)
Opt. R5
Repair Service 5 Years (including warranty)
Opt. SILV600
Standard warranty extended to 5 years
Opt. SILV900
Standard warranty extended to 5 years