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If any instrument is going to sweep you off your feet this coming year, Keithley’s Model 2450 Interactive SourceMeter® Instrument might be the one. Four short instructional videos from Jonathan Tucker, the Model 2450’s senior market and product manager, show how it’s new Touch, Test, Invent® design philosophy helps users “learn faster, work smarter, and invent easier” in both benchtop and rack-based applications. The current vs. voltage sweep video demonstrates how to configure an I-V sweep to characterize a device with just a few key presses. Another video shows how to configure the Model 2450 to work as an ohmmeter, DMM, ammeter, or power supply using the one-step quick setup function. In addition to measurement functions, the Model 2450 has built-in graphing capabilities, including X-Y plots that can be scaled interactively with pinch, zoom, and swipe motions. The icon-based menu structure brings source, measure, views, trigger, scripts, and system functions all together in one place for greater convenience.

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