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Characterizing low-power wireless devices

We love it when customers create their own videos to review or demonstrate our test instruments.


In this video, Cory McGinnis of characterizes the power consumption of a low-power wireless transceiver in both transmission and sleep mode. Typical bench power supply couldn’t offer the range he needed. Instead of adding a high speed DMM to the test setup, Cory used a Keithley Series 2280S precision readback power supply with a built-in 6-1/2-digit meter that offers an acquisition time of 33 milliseconds. This video demonstrates how to configure the test setup, set the trigger, and graph the measurements on the display.,2280S-32-6,2280S-60-3&assetid=58488

This second video is Cory’s review of the 2280S power supply, right from the moment he opened the box. Thanks, Cory, for letting us share your experience by sharing these videos.,2280S-32-6,2280S-60-3&assetid=58487