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A 25-Year Legacy of Oscilloscope Probe Innovation

At Tektronix, we know one of the best ways to help our customers innovate is to innovate ourselves. The infographic below explores our legacy of developing cutting-edge probe technology in the last 25 years.

From 1994 – 2004, we were awarded a number of patents for improving low voltage single-ended, low voltage differential, and current probes. Between 2004 and 2014, we also focused our research on innovating high voltage differential and passive probes. And since 2014, we’ve continued to develop groundbreaking technology on isolated and power rail probes.

This infographic also highlights some of the key features on a variety of probing solutions. From low noise, low loading, and high bandwidth power rail probes to low input capacitance, high voltage single-ended probes, our portfolio is designed to help engineers test and measure their designs more accurately and more efficiently.

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Because our oscilloscopes are designed for a wide variety of applications, we offer a broad portfolio of probes so engineers can optimize their benches. To find the probe best suited for your work, check out our probe selector guide.

Learn more about some of Tektronix’s key probe technology patents and innovations like IsoVu™ Probes, TriMode™ Probes, and low capacitance, high bandwidth passive probes.