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PatternPro® PPG Series Multi-channel Pattern Generator

The PatternPro® Pattern Generator Series is no longer available for purchase. The Tektronix BSX Series BERTScope® are recommended replacements. Information on these products is located at®-bit-error-rate-tester.

The Tektronix PPG line of high-performance pattern generators offer multi-channel configurations capable of data rates up to 40 Gb/s. With optional jitter insertion, the PPG line offers a flexible, cost effective and easy to use test solution supporting high speed applications such as 100 Gigabit Ethernet, DP-QPSK testing, multi-level (PAM) signaling and a broad range of receiver test applications. Create a full 40 Gb/s BERT system when combined with the Tektronix PatternPro® PED Series Error Detector.

PatternPro® PPG Series Multi-channel Pattern Generator



Pattern Generation on up to four pattern-independent channels. Supports multi-lane standards such as 100 GbE. Create victim/aggressor patterns for crosstalk testing. Multi-level signaling testing and parallel testing can reduce rest time over serial pattern generation solutions.
30, 32, and 40 Gb/s data rate Pattern Generation configurations. Provides the speed to address fast growing markets such as 100 GbE, CEI, 32G Fibre Channel and DP-QPSK.
Built-in sine, random, BUJ and PJ jitter insertion capability. A full complement of jitter sources covers a broad array of receiver test requirements.