PRISM Firmware Release - V1.6.0 Build 360

The new features introduced with firmware version 1.6 enable users to:* 1.6.0 Build 360 addresses Quad Link Audio was not functional* Monitor a variety of IP statistics using comprehensive SMPTE2110 measurement sets: SMPTE2110-10: PTP and RTP-Timestamp based “Stream timing” measurements SMPTE2110-20: RTP layer monitoring and Video decoding SMPTE2110-21: Network compatibility model / Virtual receiver buffer model simulation SMPTE2110-30: RTP layer monitoring and Audio decoding SMPTE2110-40: RTP layer monitoring SMPTE2022-7: Seamless packet reconstruction and Path 1 / 2 timing difference measurements* Control the instrument from system management software using NMOS (IS-04/IS-05), SDP Viewer (RFC4566), and API to discover, register, configure inputs, and select the active input for monitoring* Ensure proper SMPTE 2022 and 2110 redundant system operation using seamless switching* Test new or changing facility configurations using optional SDI and ST2110 IP signal generators (Option MP-GEN)* Detect IP packet errors, monitor the packet inter arrival time (PIT), and time stamped delay factor (TS-DF) for ST 2022-6 to allow engineers to observe issues that may cause intermittent loss of Video, Audio, or Data* Adjust trace and graticule brightness using the intensity controls in the display settings* Adjust magnification of the trace in the Vector application using Gain in the settings menu* Verify wide color gamut compatibility using 3D LUT in the Picture application

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This software applies to: MPI, MPX


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