RF Education and Teaching

Give students the gift of RF knowledge by letting each of them experiment with signal analysis

You can now outfit your entire lab and add new, advanced RF topics for less than half the price of a conventional analyzer and change the RF horizon for your students: The tool you have been waiting for to easily teach beyond the basics. Add Vector analysis, frequency and phase trends, Wi-Fi demodulation and more.

Our smallest USB Spectrum Analyzer is full featured ( real-time 6.2 GHz) yet smaller than a paperback book! It is perfect for in-class or field demonstrations, lecture hall teaching as well as lab work.
It is customizable to allow you to build custom setups on your own PC without losing your settings, or use our API to import data directly to programs like MATLAB®.

Includes Tektronix 3 year warranty with worldwide support. See below to download technical documents and discover how our cutting edge spectrum analyzer can help you.


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Introduction to Vector Network Analyzers Basics

This paper discusses why VNAs are used and how they are unique compared to other RF test equipment

Performance, size, reliability, affordability. Choose four. White Paper.

The TTR500A Series VNA includes an impressive array of technological and patented advances that allow it to bend many of the traditional trade-offs between RF performance, size, reliability, and cost.

Watch how easy it is to apply Port Extensions using the TTR500 Vector Network…




观察如何使用 TTR500 矢量网络分析仪轻松应用端口扩展。


Sync up multiple AWG4000 units to extend the scale of your test system in a few…


The NEW AWG4000 3-in-1 Waveform Generator incorporates the functions of an AFG,…


There’s much more to choosing a DMM than just its number of digits. With…


选择 DMM 并不仅仅是因为它的数据量。借助泰克的多种数字万用表产品,您可以受益于高级功能、高速度、高基本精度、集成灵活性以及业界最高的性价比。此外,…

6 Things to Consider when Choosing your Wireless RF Module

Learn about the factors you should take into account when choosing the right wirelss RF module for your design.



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