Radar and Electronic Warfare

Designing effective electronic countermeasures for radar and electronic warfare threats is a difficult and demanding task.  From wideband radar implementations to surveillance and band clearing, these applications require greater levels of vigilance each day.  Tektronix content and tools provides the expertise and innovative solutions to help you meet the challenge.  Learn more about how to see aspects of your signals that were previously invisible and how to recreate stimuli and environmental factors with impressive fidelity, giving you the insight to increase the capabilities of your systems, shorten your design cycle and build confidence in your final design.


Calibrate+ Characterize and Emulate systems using RFXpress® in AWG SeriesSystem designers and device manufacturers so long have been using one set of instruments for creating digitally modulated RF signals for testing their device, and another set of instruments to characterize their system. With high bandwidth and high sampling rate Tektronix AWG7122B along with RFXpress® software, test signals and device characterization can now be done with one set of general purpose instruments up to 9.6 GHz.
Advanced Radar Analysis: Tools for Measuring Modern Radar Application Note

With today’s rapid advances in radar technology, developing and manufacturing highly specialized and innovative electronic products to detect radar signals takes leading-edge technology and tools. Tektronix innovative test equipment reduces testinguncertainty during the design process and delivers confidence in the integrity of increasingly complex designs. Tektronix Arbitrary Waveform Generators, Real-time Spectrum Analyzers and High-Bandwidth Oscilloscopes offer the capabilities you need to manage the requirements of modern radar applications.

Amplitude Correction for Impulse Response Measurement of Radar PulsesThis technical paper discusses the implementation of amplitude correct and the elimination of amplitude errors in the (IPR) impulse response measurement. This measurement can be performed using a signal analyzer on the RF output of a radar while using the radar’s own chirp as the internal measurement reference.

The MDO’s wide band architecture for RF signal monitoring can augment or replace…




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