Data Communications

Today’s data communication networks are constantly evolving and are built upon many different standards. Whether it’s 10GBASE-T or PAM4, electrical or optical, Tektronix has the tools and expertise to meet your data communication testing challenges.



Watch this video to get an overview of the new Link Training Tool, which forms…


In this video we look at a topic that is becoming increasingly important in the…


The accelerated development of 400G Ethernet technology is driving new…

PAM4 Electrical Webinar

This presentation will review PAM4 measurement methodologies and expand on emerging needs related to FFE reference equalization, clock recovery challenges, BER measurement needs as well as SNDR as it relates to multi-level signaling. 

Jitter Fundamentals

View this recorded webinar to get a solid overview of jitter components as well as jitter characterization and visualization. Learn how to control Jitter during system design and improve timing margins for today’s high-speed systems.

Overcoming Challenges in PCI Express Compliance Testing

Learn the keys to debugging, verifying design and performing interoperability testing for PCI Express revisions 3.0 and 4.0.


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