Modern lighting, fluorescent or LED must meet demanding requirements for performance including high efficiency and low current distortion.

Tektronix power analyzers provide accurate measurements of electric power at both the input and output of electronic ballasts, enabling engineers quickly and accurately determine ballast efficiency as well as power, power factor, total harmonic distortion and harmonics of the lighting ballast input and output Features such as a color graphics display and 1-click set up help speed measurements while the included PWRVIEW PC software captures data for seamless analysis and reporting.

Recommended Equipment

PA1000 SeriesAccurate and versatile single-phase power analyzer / wattmeter for power, energy and efficiency measurements on power supplies and any product connected to the AC line.
PA4000 Series0.01% basic accuracy, multi-phase power analyzer. Measure voltage and current on up to four channels. Characterize watts, VA, VAR, watt-hours and harmonics.
PWRVIEW PC SoftwareDesigned for power analyzers, the PWRVIEW PC software operates over USB or LAN and can be used to set up and log power analyzer measurements. This software includes IEC62301 Ed.2 compliance reporting and a virtual instrument so you can try it without an instrument connected.